To the Next Mountain

Life is about striving and achieving goals. Whether these goals are set for us or set by us, goals give our lives purpose. When we lack purpose, we seem to wander aimlessly. People who have lost purpose also seem to lose all sense of self-worth. Speaking personally, I am goal-driven. When I have nothing to work towards, I lose momentum and drive.

We all need a mountain to climb. So what happens when we’ve reached the top? The fact is: there are always more mountains to climb. When we’ve conquered this mountain we need only look to the horizon and select the next mountain. So you may ask: what is your mountain? To which I would answer: Publisher Peak.

Published by RSGullett

R. S. Gullett is a proud alumni of Stephen F. Austin State University and currently teaches United States history at a community college in Houston, Texas. As a historian, he loves to mingle the historical with the fantastical and places an emphasis on faith in all his writing. His faith in Jesus Christ is very important to him and this often becomes evident in his writing. He is not perfect, nor does he pretend to be; but hopes that sharing his faith might inspire others to give their hearts to Christ. He and his wife currently live in Houston, Texas.

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