A Quick Thought…

What if the characters you created could somehow leap off the page for an hour and share a meal with you, would you embrace it or run screaming from the room? What would you discuss? How would the meal go? Would you even get along with your characters? 

I often wonder if I would get along with any of the characters I write about, or if they would even like me… Maybe I think too much…

What do you think?

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R. S. Gullett is a proud alumni of Stephen F. Austin State University and currently teaches United States history at a community college in Houston, Texas. As a historian, he loves to mingle the historical with the fantastical and places an emphasis on faith in all his writing. His faith in Jesus Christ is very important to him and this often becomes evident in his writing. He is not perfect, nor does he pretend to be; but hopes that sharing his faith might inspire others to give their hearts to Christ. He and his wife currently live in Houston, Texas.

2 thoughts on “A Quick Thought…

  1. Just do it. Overthinking sometimes takes the real heart out of one’s writing. It’s a brave thing, and your characters will be what you envisioned. Maybe they’ll want to have dinner with you after all!

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