In yet another highly anticipated sequel, R. S. Gullett transports the reader back to the magical kingdom of Alethia in an immersive and gripping tale where only faith and strength of spirit can triumph.

The king is dead and the capital of Alethia lies in smoldering ruin! The dragon and his dark horde have set the kingdom ablaze, leaving only death and destruction in their wake. Seeking to reach the next fortress city before the dragon and the dark army, the few survivors will face their darkest hours yet as they are pursued by the dragon’s minions across the Alethian countryside.

Unbeknownst to them, a new XtaKal has arisen. Bound to the Dark Sword, he takes his place as leader of the dark army to wreak renewed havoc and devastation throughout the kingdom. Yet the cost of his new power soon becomes apparent, and he realizes that he must discover a way to master the sword before it masters him.

In the end, as the dark army approaches and all hope fades, those that remain must make the hard choice between saving themselves and defending the people of Alethia before all is reduced to ashes and ruin.

© R. S. Gullett 2020

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