A Quick Thought…

Silence often speaks volumes. The world is filled with words, but consider the powerful calming effect of listening to the breaking of waves on a beach or enjoying the still expectation of the sun rising over the horizon. Sometimes the best thing to say is nothing at all. So…I’ll let others speak. “The right wordContinue reading “A Quick Thought…”

More Writing Quotes

Find encouragement this week to fill empty pages and computer screens with stories and tales. Read and enrich your lives with words and phrases that speak to your hearts, so that your writing may also enrich the lives of others. Writers, pay it forward.  “We are all apprentices in a craft where no one everContinue reading “More Writing Quotes”

A Quick Thought…

For the past few weeks, I’ll be honest, I feel like I’ve lost my drive to write. Probably a feeling that many writers have felt at one time or another. Since my publisher announced that it is declaring bankruptcy, I’ve felt a great deal of anger, dejection and a little depression. My confidence has beenContinue reading “A Quick Thought…”

Novel News

5/18/2016 For those interested in an update, The Chronicles of Alethia: The Heir Comes Forth is still in the formatting phase. I’ve spent the better part of a month going through the formatted manuscript with a fine-toothed comb. As someone who has never published a novel before, this has been an eye opening experience toContinue reading “Novel News”

Novel News

The official bound proof arrived by mail this week. Of all the “firsts” an author experiences, the first time you hold your book in your hands is definitely at the top of the list. After proofing the novel this last time, I’m looking forward to putting this novel in your hands as well. Please keepContinue reading “Novel News”

Novel News

It’s been almost a month since this last update. I’ve finally received the formatted proof of The Heir Comes Forth. I’ll be spending the next few weeks reading through the manuscript again looking for any final edits that are necessary. Once that is done, the manuscript goes to the printers!! A very exciting time! PleaseContinue reading “Novel News”

I forgive you?

When my trust is betrayed, my first instinct is to withdraw from that person; to cut off communication and ostrisize them from my life. My second is to lash out and defend myself. This is especially true when the offense seems as though it is a personal attack. This ringing true for anyone else? AsContinue reading “I forgive you?”

Writing to Me Is:

An Outlet for Joy or Frustration. I write to express my thoughts and humble opinions concerning politics, religion, the economy, etc.  An Exercise in Introspection When reading my work, you will find that my characters examine their actions and motives pretty thoroughly. It is one of my own character traits that I place in allContinue reading “Writing to Me Is:”

A Quick Thought…

Sometimes we say and/or do things before considering all the consequences. Though we may not mean to, our words and acts can become stumbling blocks to others. As a Christian, one of the greatest shames and what keeps me awake at night is the thought of causing anyone to stumble in their faith or doubtContinue reading “A Quick Thought…”

Novel News Update

Well after over a month of editing, I’ve finally turned my manuscript back into my publisher and signed off on all changes and corrections. The Chronicles of Alethia: The Heir Comes Forth has moved beyond the editing phase and is now moving into formatting and production! On another important notes, one of my favorite partsContinue reading “Novel News Update”